Chapbook Winners

Filming of the short film “Frigid” is complete and the footage has moved to the editing room!

To celebrate the progress, I used Random Generator to draw 3 winners from my newsletter subscribers. These winners received a SIGNED chapbook of the original story “Frigid”:

Miranda B. of Indiana

Michael K. of Indiana

and Greg M. of Kansas

Each winner has been notified and their chapbooks are on their way!

I’ll be drawing more winners to celebrate new milestones, so be sure to sign up for my email newsletter and you’ll automatically be entered.

Thanks for your support!

Chapbook Giveaway

Mythraeum Productions and Loste Films have completed filming for “Frigid”! To celebrate, I’m hosting a drawing for three autographed chapbooks of my short story “Frigid”.


To enter, simply subscribe to my newsletter with your name and email address. (Please ignore the field asking for an Image URL – it’s a glitch in my effort to customize my sign-up form.) If you’re already a subscriber, then you’re already entered. Three winners will be announced on March 15th:  the Ides of March. Winners will be contacted via email, too.


HoosierLit (Fall 2017)

My story “After the Weir” is now available in the 2017 fall issue of HoosierLit: A Literary Magazine by The Geeky Press. This publication features some of the best fiction, non-fiction, essays, poetry, script writing, and photography by Indiana writers.

In my story, Lyn must cope with the aftermath of her husband Gordon’s death. As she attends a stream conservation activity – as they always did – the reader learns their relationship was less than ideal.

Oddly enough, Gordon’s character was partly inspired by a biology professor I took a Stream Conservation course with. He was the nicest guy and made every bug in the stream sound fascinating! So, I skimmed through my old notes…

And took a break. My new short story collection by Robert Aickman had arrived and I wanted to dive right in! I don’t often read prefaces, but this one was a letter written by a woman who had a long-term relationship with Aickman and I thought, “Oh, this should be enlightening.” I was surprised to find the man had been creative but very difficult – even abrasive and rude to those closest to him.

Back to my story and my mind decided to blend the two. What if my wonderful professor was more like an Aickman at home with his wife? Everyone at the university thinks he’s focused and polite, but he’s a passive aggressive bully at home? And that’s how I created Gordon.

If you purchase the issue and read “After the Weir”, let me know what you think.

Thin Ice Threatens Film Shoot

Colorado weather has thrown a wrench in the filming schedule for the short film “Frigid.” While snow hasn’t fallen in the amounts expected, it’s the lake’s thin ice causing the most concerns. Producer and director Leslie Marrick described the lake location as “unstable and watery after such a warm streak.”

Filming was initially slated for January 6, 2018, but schedule conflicts and location issues pushed the film shoot later into the month. Marrick discussed the call sheet changes with Loste Films assistant director Luke Ostermiller and extended the shoot from one to two days.

By January 20th, lake conditions had not improved. As well, the main prop, rumored to resemble a woman frozen in ice, incurred damage during the multi-step freezing process. While repairs were prompt, nothing could be done to encourage Mother Nature to freeze the lake.

Producer Marrick explained that these types of setbacks are common when filming in natural locations. “I hate to postpone,” she said, “but it’s what’s best for the production, so we’ll have a great film in the end.”

The first day of shooting has been rescheduled for January 27th. K.N. Johnson, author of the short story the film is based on, hoped this was a good sign. “That happens to be my birthday, so I’m crossing my fingers that all their hard work comes together.”

Goodreads Giveaways

I’m running Goodreads giveaways for A Journey of Words and Polterguests that include one paperback copy signed by me. Be sure to sign up before the December 27, 2017 deadline!

A Journey of Words contains 36 stories by various authors around the world – each pertains to a journey in some way. In this anthology, you’ll find my story “Deadhead Mile” where a postman skis his route in a remote, snowy region only to discover someone – or some thing – arrived before him. These stories range from heartfelt to horror, from action-packed and comedic.

Polterguests is packed with short stories and poems about those guests we’ve inadvertently invited into our lives. In my story “Headstones on Hidden Hill”, a man recalls the Halloween that changed his older brother’s life forever. Each of these stories aims to haunt you.

Feel free to follow my Goodreads page so you’ll be notified of each new book and giveaway and… good luck!


The Show Must Go On

Though the Kickstarter did not meet the goal, Mythraeum Productions is moving forward with the FRIGID short film project. Filming will begin in January in Loveland, Colorado.

Right now, the producer and Loste Films are working on a shot list. “That’s basically a line-up of every shot we’ll need to get, how it’ll be framed, who is in it, how the camera moves during the shot, and what kind of lens is used, ” said Leslie Marrick, Mythraeum Productions. A storyboard has also been completed. “Now it’s like we have a ‘map’ of the movie.”

I’m grateful for each and every one of you who shared the Kickstarter as well as those who signed up to contribute. All of your support means so much to me, the producer, and the Loste Films crew.

Stay tuned for more updates on the project!

“Frigid” Kickstarter

The Kickstarter has begun!

Here’s your chance to be a part of the “Frigid” short film project. Mythraeum Productions posted the Kickstarter and the rewards are amazing.

For as little as $1, my main character Henry will email you creepy messages. For $200, you can own one of the film props and impress your friends next Halloween.

And there’s lots of rewards that fall in between. I personally assembled the chapbooks while my oldest daughter, Britainy Johnson, collaborated with me in creating two original art pieces. Director Leslie Marrick designed awesome tote bags, t-shirts, and notebooks.

Check it out – one of the rewards includes your name being added to the film credits!

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