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I’m running Goodreads giveaways forĀ A Journey of Words and Polterguests that include one paperback copy signed by me. Be sure to sign up before the December 27, 2017 deadline!

A Journey of Words contains 36 stories by various authors around the world – each pertains to a journey in some way. In this anthology, you’ll find my story “Deadhead Mile” where a postman skis his route in a remote, snowy region only to discover someone – or some thing – arrived before him. These stories range from heartfelt to horror, from action-packed and comedic.

Polterguests is packed with short stories and poems about those guests we’ve inadvertently invited into our lives. In my story “Headstones on Hidden Hill”, a man recalls the Halloween that changed his older brother’s life forever. Each of these stories aims to haunt you.

Feel free to follow my Goodreads page so you’ll be notified of each new book and giveaway and… good luck!


The Show Must Go On

Though the Kickstarter did not meet the goal, Mythraeum Productions is moving forward with the FRIGID short film project. Filming will begin in January in Loveland, Colorado.

Right now, the producer and Loste Films are working on a shot list. “That’s basically a line-up of every shot we’ll need to get, how it’ll be framed, who is in it, how the camera moves during the shot, and what kind of lens is used, ” said Leslie Marrick, Mythraeum Productions. A storyboard has also been completed. “Now it’s like we have a ‘map’ of the movie.”

I’m grateful for each and every one of you who shared the Kickstarter as well as those who signed up to contribute. All of your support means so much to me, the producer, and the Loste Films crew.

Stay tuned for more updates on the project!

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