Thin Ice Threatens Film Shoot

Colorado weather has thrown a wrench in the filming schedule for the short film “Frigid.” While snow hasn’t fallen in the amounts expected, it’s the lake’s thin ice causing the most concerns. Producer and director Leslie Marrick described the lake location as “unstable and watery after such a warm streak.”

Filming was initially slated for January 6, 2018, but schedule conflicts and location issues pushed the film shoot later into the month. Marrick discussed the call sheet changes with Loste Films assistant director Luke Ostermiller and extended the shoot from one to two days.

By January 20th, lake conditions had not improved. As well, the main prop, rumored to resemble a woman frozen in ice, incurred damage during the multi-step freezing process. While repairs were prompt, nothing could be done to encourage Mother Nature to freeze the lake.

Producer Marrick explained that these types of setbacks are common when filming in natural locations. “I hate to postpone,” she said, “but it’s what’s best for the production, so we’ll have a great film in the end.”

The first day of shooting has been rescheduled for January 27th. K.N. Johnson, author of the short story the film is based on, hoped this was a good sign. “That happens to be my birthday, so I’m crossing my fingers that all their hard work comes together.”

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