HoosierLit (Fall 2017)

My story “After the Weir” is now available in the 2017 fall issue of HoosierLit: A Literary Magazine by The Geeky Press. This publication features some of the best fiction, non-fiction, essays, poetry, script writing, and photography by Indiana writers.

In my story, Lyn must cope with the aftermath of her husband Gordon’s death. As she attends a stream conservation activity – as they always did – the reader learns their relationship was less than ideal.

Oddly enough, Gordon’s character was partly inspired by a biology professor I took a Stream Conservation course with. He was the nicest guy and made every bug in the stream sound fascinating! So, I skimmed through my old notes…

And took a break. My new short story collection by Robert Aickman had arrived and I wanted to dive right in! I don’t often read prefaces, but this one was a letter written by a woman who had a long-term relationship with Aickman and I thought, “Oh, this should be enlightening.” I was surprised to find the man had been creative but very difficult – even abrasive and rude to those closest to him.

Back to my story and my mind decided to blend the two. What if my wonderful professor was more like an Aickman at home with his wife? Everyone at the university thinks he’s focused and polite, but he’s a passive aggressive bully at home? And that’s how I created Gordon.

If you purchase the issue and read “After the Weir”, let me know what you think.

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