“Regolith” in New Release

Kristell Ink Publishing will release three speculative fiction anthologies on June 8, 2018:  Infinite Dysmorphia, Terra Nullius, and Holding on By Our Fingertips. The book cover art by German artist Nele Diel promises fantastic stories within.

Kristell Ink Publishing describes each anthology:

“Infinite Dysmorphia, edited by Pete Sutton & Kate Coe

An anthology of science fiction and speculative stories exploring how science and technology could change what it means to be human. Bio implants, cybernetics, genetic modification, age reversal, robotics and technology…what is the human experience of undergoing these procedures, and what is the advance of technology going to bring?

What does the future hold in store for those who are pushing the definition of humanity?

Terra Nullius, edited by Ellen Crosháin & Kate Coe

Land belonging to no-one. An anthology of speculative fiction that explores the colonisation of our Solar System and far beyond, where pioneers carve out a new existence under other stars. New worlds and new challenges bring out rich stories filled with alien races and strange technology, but against this backdrop there’s the many facets of human emotion as colonists struggle to make a new home.

This is human life on the final frontier.

Holding On By Our Fingertips, edited by Amanda Rutter & Kate Coe

An anthology of science fiction and speculative stories exploring the many different reactions and experiences of people during the 24 hours leading up to the end of the world. Our base instinct is to survive, but when the end is nigh, do we simply lie down and die? Or do we celebrate our life and achievements?

Love, loss, forgiveness, revenge, or just that final goodbye…”

Moon in space

My story “Regolith” will appear in Terra Nullius. In “Regolith” a woman visits her mother on the dark side of the moon only to discover a sinister force has risen from the dust. While I combine science fiction and creature horror elements, my story is also about the distance between people, both physical and emotional. The basic plot of “Regolith” was inspired by the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood who is sent into the deep dark woods to visit her ailing grandmother. I imagined her grown, the grandmother became a scientist mother, and the woods became the moon.

The books are available on pre-order now for the UK and I’ll keep working to find a link for the USA. I can’t wait to hold a copy in my hands! These will make an amazing addition to any science or speculative fiction collection.


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