K.N. Johnson’s short story “Frigid” won Mythraeum’s Pygmalion contest and is being developed into a short film by Mythraeum Productions and Loste Films.  Filming begins January 2018. Her short fiction appears in several anthologies. She’s currently working on a collection of short stories and a book about her ghost investigation adventures, both big and small.

Johnson’s nonfiction has appeared in Proximity Magazine and Incandescent Mind literary journal. And, yes, “When to Walk Away” in Proximity Magazine is a true story.

She serves as an Acquisitions Editor for Mighty Quill Books, an Advanced Reader/Reviewer for Tin House Books, and is an associate member of the Horror Writer’s Association. While she hunts ghosts for recreation, she’s not sure if she’s ever seen one. She has definitely been terrified, her skin chilled by strange sounds and shadows.

As a volunteer with Indiana Cemetery Works, she works on headstone restoration. She enjoys responsible legend trips and takes way too many photos during her investigations. Johnson discovers stories in these dark, abandoned corners of history and local lore.

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