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The Clearing On Fire review pic
“The Clearing”
Excerpt: “Together, we waited for the lightning, waited for the gods.”
Elka thought she could sway the gods – until their message was more than anyone expected.

This story appeared in the On Fire anthology published by Transmundane Press.

“(The) world-building is seamless, masterful with no distracting forays into exposition, leaving the reader room to speculate on the details of the setting. I was immediately thrust into the urgency of Elka’s mission to find the right plank, to coat it just right, her desperate need for a message. I was immersed from first word to last.”
Author J. Lee Strickland

Blue Amberol AHOW
“The Blue Amberol Turns Again”
Two families, two eras, one house and one haunted music cylinder. Does it foretell the future or just replay the past?

This story originally appeared in A Haunting of Words. With each anthology purchase, publisher Scout Media includes a free CD of music that inspired many of the stories.

The Blue Amberol Turns Again by K.N. Johnson is one of the most original, chilling and best-written tales in the anthology. Set in two timelines, the Oscar-winning star of this story is an old record player that is as seemingly indestructible as the ring in The Lord of The Rings. And just as evil. It twists song lyrics, remembers the past, and predicts the future. This provides not only a refreshingly unusual short story, but a fascinating insight into phonographic and musical history.” – Author L. E. Lacaille

“Frigid” is a dark take on the Pygmalion myth. Excerpt: “Her body called to him. From deep in the woods, from the crack in his soul, she called for him to bring her into being.”

“Johnson scrapped that (Pygmalion) fairy tale. Her story is much darker, exploring what might be wrong with a dude for whom normal women just aren’t good enough. It’s been called ‘beautiful and evocative’ and it’s going to make a great short film.” -Author & Producer, Leslie Marrick of Mythraeum Productions.

“When to Walk Away”
“When to Walk Away” was first published by Proximity Magazine in their GUNS issue. This is a true, dark narrative about a family, an estranged father, and a gun. First line: “We drove over four hours to reach Milwaukee. Downtown, Highland Avenue, brown brick building nearly non-descript save for the block letters yelling MEDICAL EXAMINER.”

“When to Walk Away is truly riveting, excellently crafted, and so so so true to character. I feel like I know Dad, sadly. This story has grit and truth and nothing is better than that. She has poured out a gift of fabulous writing…. thank you for posting it.”
Author Nancy Nau Sullivan

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